The LeNoir Legacy – Signed Paperback


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Princess Rosealyn LeNoir refuses to remain the sheltered heir. Studying and training in the comforts of the castle will not assist a country at war. When additional soldiers join her father at the border, she evades her personal guard, Captain Charles, to follow. Hoping to help her father discover those responsible for the blighted fields across their nation, Rosealyn finds herself thrust into a battle which leads to an unlikely answer.

For the past decade, Charles has adhered to an agreement which allowed him to leave his past behind. As Rosealyn continues to discover what is myth and what is reality, Charles worries the truths she learns will hurt more than they may help.

Between fantastical creatures, magic, the legendary Twin Blades, and the myth of the Lost Prince, Rosealyn fears that understanding the LeNoir Gift may cost more than her family’s legacy.

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Paperback edition is 429 pages in length, 5.5 x 8.5″ size, cream paper in 10 pt book antiqua font.

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